Breastpumps & Accessories

Breast pumps are the greatest invention for nursing moms. A pump can

  • allows mom to relieve engorgement
  • creates a milk supply for baby when mom is away.

We have pumps to fit your needs, a few times a week to multiple times a day.

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  • Rental

    Bosom Buddies offers hospital grade breast pumps for rental.

  • Breast Pump Parts
    You depend on your breast pump to help you provide good quality nutrition for your baby when you can't be there to nurse. We've got you covered, whether you're looking for a replacement part for your breast pump, or accessories to make life a bit easier. We carry a full line of breast pumps and parts for Medela, Hygeia, and Ameda brand pumps.
  • Hospital Grade Pumps

    These are the granddaddy of all breast pumps. They are designed for use every day, multiple times a day, for years on end. These pumps are the heaviest duty pumps available. If you need the closest thing to baby, this should be your choice.

  • Pump Accessories
  • Daily Use Breast Pumps
    Breast pumps in this category are ideal for use for a mom returning to work: baby is nursing successfully, but mom needs power and durability to pump several times per day.
  • Occasional Use Pumps

    Breast pumps in this category are ideal for use occasionally, such as a night out without baby.

  • Popular Breast Pumps