Abby H’s Pregnancy Blog: The Honeymoon Phase

Weeks 14-27

Due Date: April 13, 2015

Weight Gain: +8 lbs from the 1st trimester!

They call the second trimester the “honeymoon” phase. You finally feel like a real person again and can eat food. You start to feel the little life inside you move! Oh and don’t forget the somewhat stressful things like, picking a name for a small human being.

It’s incredible how much you can miss food! After losing 20lbs, that I never thought I was going to lose (Thank you Baby!), I am still cautious of what I eat to a degree. I don’t want to only eat junk food just because I can. I was very diligent at first to eat salads, lots of vegetables, and good proteins. Lately, I have began to slip and want candy and potato chips. I am hoping I revert back to my healthy food cravings soon.

Around week 17, I started feeling her move! From what I can remember,  was laying in bed reading an article about pregnancy. Then I felt something like a bubble pop. A few minutes later, it happened again! Thats when I realized it was the baby moving and not just a gas bubble! It was so exciting! Now, at week 27, I feel her moving all the time. I can also see it! The first time I saw her move, it looked like something out of a scary movie. It was absolutely amazing though. She was moving her head back and forth from the left side to the right side, just playing around in there. She is a strong little lady! She likes to roll around, punch, elbow, and kick me all the time. I think I might have a little roller derby girl waiting to strap on some skates and kick some butt! That’s my girl! She will be tough just like her mommy.

So, I’ve had about 7 weeks to think about a name. It seems like I should have thought of something by now but I just can’t. I mean I have plenty of ideas, but how do you choose? It’s not like it’s a dog and they just respond to their name and never think twice about it. This is a tiny little human, that will some day be my age, and possibly hate her name. I don’t want her to go through life like, “Mom, what were you thinking when you named me?!?” I want her to have a somewhat original name, but nothing crazy that no one can spell or pronounce correctly. Growing up I only met a few Abbys. I loved that. I know so many people named Sarah, Emily, and other very common names. I don’t want to her to be referred to as Blah Blah 2 or Blah Blah W. So I am doing my best to go through the thousand of names out there and pick one that isn’t so extremely common or really strange.

Another part of trying to name this child is I have to try to agree with the Father. Which is completely impossible. We don’t see eye to eye on anything. He wants to name her after his parents, whom I’ve never met, and are still alive so I don’t quite understand it. I have parents too, so I don’t see how it would really be fair to anyone to name her after someone at this point. He likes these names that I can’t stand, and generally he doesn’t like anything I have picked out either. I have been going somewhat hippie dippy and picking nature names like Lily, Violet, and Willow. He likes Melanie, Mary, and any other M name you can imagine. I’m sure we will eventually pick something that we both like, but it just seems like it is going to be a long and hard process.

Once we see her for the first time, I think it will all come together and she will tell us her name.