Category: Breastfeeding Experiences

  • Did you breastfeed your baby?

    Did you breastfeed your baby? Before you answer, keep in mind that I’m not asking, “Did you breastfeed for a 6 months or a year?” I’m not asking “Did you breastfeed exclusively?” I’m not asking, “Did you exclusively pump so your baby could have your milk?” I am asking this: “Did your baby get any breastmilk?”  Please, let me […]

  • My Top Reasons to Breastfeed

    Are you on the fence about whether or not you want to breastfeed, or know someone who is? Here is a quick list of some great practical reasons for breastfeeding: Healthy for Mom Lower chance of breast cancer, ovarian cancer… Healthy for Baby Lower chance of sickness, ear infections, childhood obesity, allergies Lose baby weight […]

  • What is breastfeeding success?

    My role is give information, to educate, to expose parents to what there is to know about breastfeeding, to help when I can. Every mother defines success for herself. In fact, she may end up revising and redefining her breastfeeding success again and again. Perhaps this is part of the nature of parenting: you visualize […]

  • Father’s day is here, I’m the dad

    I am writing a few words about being a father as it relates to breastfeeding. I am support. As a father, a grandfather I can and do support breastfeeding by doing whatever needs to be done to enhance the breastfeeding experience. As I was thinking a little about this I remember overhearing one of my […]