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  • 22 Years = Lots of Babies, Lots of Bras

    June 2016 At the end of this month, Bosom Buddies will celebrate 22 years in business. In today’s world where half of business start-ups are gone by the time five years have past, 22 years is quite an accomplishment. We can thank the thousands of customers who have come to us with breastfeeding questions, supply […]

  • Curve NV at Magic 2016 Photo Gallery

    Every year our owners Sue and Ken Petracek visit Curve NV at Magic to discover what’s new and hot in the bra business and greater fashion world.

  • Moms & Babies Breastfeeding Photoshoot

    For many women, breastfeeding leads to an incredible bond between mother and baby that feels both magical and hard-earned. To help you celebrate and remember that magic, Bosom Buddies is offering free breastfeeding photoshoots March 5th & 6th to the first TWELVE moms who sign up. Trust us, this is something you don’t want to miss out on.

  • ‘Tis the Season: Gifts for a Pumping Mom

    Pumping milk so baby can have mom’s milk is a true act of love. Don’t believe for a moment that sitting with a breast pump is anywhere near as fulfilling as nursing a baby. So any pumping mom needs to have as many perks as she can find to make the job easier and more […]

  • Westminster Store Closing

    Dear Friends and Valued Customers, If one is in business for 20 years, one sees a lot of changes! A huge change I’ve seen among our customers is the desire to shop online. It’s convenient, very visual, generally hassle free and you get what you want quickly. Even though bra shopping might seem like an unlikely candidate for […]

  • Find A Sports Bra That’s Just Right: 4 Bosom Buddies Favorites

    Find A Sports Bra That’s Just Right: 4 Bosom Buddies Favorites

    Finding a sports bra that fits “just right” can be an ongoing dilemma. Here are four of our favorite options which vary in terms of support and comfort to fit any activity you encounter.

  • Why should I care about breastfeeding?

    That was a long time ago…I’m done with that part of my life. The short answer: if you are a taxpayer or you pay for health care, you should care. A 2010 study concluded that if 90% of moms breastfed 6 months, the savings in health care costs would be $13 billion and 911 deaths […]

  • Abby’s Blog: Tough Choices

    Abby’s Blog: Tough Choices

    Weeks 31-36 Weight Gained: +20lbs Due Date: April 13, 2015 A lot has changed in the last month of my pregnancy. I have had to move to another state, and basically start my life over again. In a previous entry I had mentioned I didn’t have much family or friends to support me in Colorado, […]

  • We’re having a party!

    We’re having a party!

    Did you know? • Diapers can cost a family $100 or more a month. • For low earnings workers, the cost of diapers can be 12-15% of their take home pay. • Food Stamps, Women, Infants and Children (WIC), and Medicaid cannot be used for diapers. • Even subsidized day care usually require families to provide diapers for […]

  • Lesson from the lingerie show: women are wearing bras that don’t fit.

    So you say, “There’s nothing new there. You’ve been quoting that yourself for years.” And you would be right. It seems like sometimes you have to learn and refresh and relearn, over and over. Especially when it is something as important as how a bra fits. For as long as I have been going to lingerie […]