Lactation Consultation


Bosom Buddies offers lactation consultations in your home, in the hospital or phone if appropriate. The fee is $80 per hour, billed on the quarter hour (additional travel fees may apply). Appointments are available 7 days per week, day and evening, based on the needs of mother and baby.

Our consultant will take a history, assess needs and work with you to develop a plan to move toward your breastfeeding goals. Consultants have experience with sore nipples and damaged nipples, slow weight gain, low milk supply, returning to work, bottle and/or breast refusal, nursing multiples, pumping issues and more. A face-to-face consult includes before and after feeding weights, observation of a feeding and pumping as needed, and a written report for mother and baby's health care provider.

Our consultants also work with mothers before baby's birth.

All of our consultants are IBCLC Certified. We have three lactation consultants on staff: Sue and Robin.


For more information about a lactation consult, please feel free to contact us.