Nursing Bras - What kinds are there?




We classified our nursing bras into four categories

  • Non-Structured - usually the most comfortable bras because they a generally made of stretch material and do not have any hard seams. This adds to their comfort but does not offer the same support as you would get with a softcup or underwire bra. We sometimes call these bras 24-7 bras because they are comfortable enough to wear day and night. Generally these go on over your head.
  • Softcup - comfortable, and generally more supportive than Non-Structured bras. These bras give you great support during the day, but can also be worn at night.
  • Underwire - generally more supportive than Non-Structured bras. An underwire is not necessary for good support, but some moms prefer this style. Be sure your underwire bras is well fitted, and never sleep in an underwire during the time you are breastfeeding.
  • Tanks & Camis - featuring built-in support (typically a shelf-type bra), these are great to wear alone or under a jacket or shirt. Also can be used for sleeping.