Snuggle up to your pump!


Why pump? For a variety of reasons...

  • To maintain your milk supply and provide milk for your baby when your baby is temporarily unable to nurse, when you return to work, or when you are away from your baby;
  • To increase your milk supply;
  • To relieve engorgement;
  • To pull out a flat or inverted nipple, providing an erect nipple for your baby to latch on to.

It's not as much fun to snuggle up to your pump as it is to cradle your suckling baby, but here are some ways to make it easier:

  1. After washing your hands, find a private place to pump, away from the hustle and bustle. Relax, and get comfortable.
  2. Have a tumbler of something refreshing to drink! This is a nice way to treat yourself and helps you keep up with the fluids needed to produce milk.

    Remember to drink to quench your thirst. It seems to go in one hole and out two others!

    Limit your caffeinated beverages to 1-2 a day (caffeine dehydrates you and decreases your milk production).
  3. Have your baby's picture, article of clothing, or blanket near your pump. This will help you think of him and assist your milk to let down. Think "BABY"!
  4. If you find this is not enough to get your milk flowing, take some slow deep breaths RELAX.
  5. It may be helpful to massage or rub your breast toward the nipple with the palm of your hand to encourage a let down of milk.
  6. Finally, it is helpful to gently pull out your nipple before pumping to signal your breast that it's time to let down.

We hope these recommendations assist you to snuggle up to your pump rewarding you with an abundant milk supply!