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How we started

Where are we?

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How we started

In 1994, Bosom Buddies was renting breast pumps to moms in the Denver, Colorado area. A few years later Medela's Pump In Style Breastpump (the first double electric breast pump designed for purchase by individual moms) opened the door to a whole new world beyond renting breast pumps. Over the last couple of years, there have been major introductions of new breast pumps from several manufacturers and it's been a challenge to keep up with what works best for which situation. But we continue to evaluate each so we can offer the best to our moms.Overnight we were selling breast pumps too. We started talking about what every breastfeeding mom needs...and we started looking.

On top of the list was a good nursing bra. We found a few good nursing bras at department stores and large mass retailers but just a few and in just a few sizes. It appeared that if you weren't a 36 or 38 B, C, or D, you didn't need a nursing bra. We knew that wasn't so and went to work. We discovered Fancee Free, Leading Lady and Bravado. Before long Medela's bras came out and before much longer we had more nursing bras than most stores had bras at all! Over time we've added some and dropped some we didn't really like, and we're always on the lookout for something new. Our latest finds include Anita bras, providing a black choice in larger sizes along with GlamourMom and Bravado Nursing Bra Tanks, a tank with enough support for a nursing mom so she doesn't have to wear a bra. After nursing bras, we started with a few nursing shirts, pajamas and gowns. 

And such a variety of breastfeeding supplies! ComfortGel dressings for really damaged nipples...hands-free pumping for busy moms...herbal tinctures and glycerites for lagging milk supply...GripeWater for baby's uncomfortable tummy. Well, GripeWater isn't actually a breastfeeding supply, is it? But it's so great for so many things, we couldn't pass it up.

Good information - breastfeeding savvy employees - a huge selection of nursing bras and the expertise to fit them - lots of spare parts...our reputation grew.

We are excited to continue looking for everything a breastfeeding mom could need. Our latest quest: we're listening to nursing moms who want sport bras for breasts which are probably heavier and larger than before baby. We have a few lines now, but we're still looking for exactly what we want, with more to come.

Our most recent transition has been on an online only business. We are continuing to rent pumps and scales, provide lactation consults, and the best products we can find through our website.

Where are we?

We have moved from our start in an old Victorian house in the Capital Hill area of central Denver, Colorado to an online only business. We are available 7 days per week by email.

Who are we?


Sue PIBCLC, Owner More mothers breastfeed now than in 1971, but I have been astonished at how many barriers there still are to breastfeeding. My dream is that by the time my granddaughter is at the stage of life to breastfeed, it will truly be the norm. I am delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of this change, and I am encouraged by the amazing amount of scientific data there is now to support breastfeeding as the ideal, we've just got to get that ideal into the realm of norm. While I'm an activist perhaps at heart, I am best as a teacher.

Ken P, Owner/"I'm the Dad" I am a breastfeeding supporter and guru who makes all this work. I am married to Sue, father of three grown kids and enjoy being a grandpa to six.

Robin, IBCLC I worked at Bosom Buddies for years before I had my twin boys and got to experience breastfeeding first hand. I love helping women solve problems that make them more comfortable and more successful breastfeeding. 

Jenny, IBCLC, LLL As a IBCLC, I love being able to work with new mothers on solving any breastfeeding issue they may have. Working at Bosom Buddies keeps me in touch with women of all ages where I can make a positive difference in their lives.

Marylou I enjoy working at Bosom Buddies because of the interaction with pregnant and breastfeeding women. My life before Bosom Buddies was as OB/GYN office nurse so I feel this is a natural extension of that profession as I am still able to relate to women at this stage in their lives.

Moms Like You! You give us invaluable feedback on our products and services as well as model for many of the bra photos we feature.