Second trimester (and beyond)Second Trimester

This is a great time to begin to educate yourself about breastfeeding. You are probably doing that for the birth already; just don’t forget the breastfeeding part. Did you know, most moms/couples spend at least three or four times as much time and effort preparing for childbirth (which will last...hours) than for breastfeeding (which will last...?).

Books to read or have as reference and breastfeeding classes to learn from certified experts are great places to start your breastfeeding experience.

You are certainly talking to friends with babies, gleaning their wisdom for what you need and what products worked best for them. Make your wish list for your baby showers.  (Baby shower activity: give all the guests 3x5 cards and ask each to write down a memorable “Wow, I wish had known that!” moment as a parent.)

Are you going to be going back to work after the baby comes? This is a good time to start researching what the options are at your company for breastfeeding help and places to pump.