About Robin

A Little Background: I have been working to support breastfeeding families on and off in some capacity for about 20 years, even before I had children. I've worked in every capacity in a business that supports breastfeeding families, giving me a unique perspective even before my own personal experience.

My Personal Experience: After my twin boys were born, breastfeeding was a challenge from the beginning. I had wonderful support from my husband, family and several lactation consultants. It was never a question in my mind things would work out, just a question of how long it would take. It did take a while before things were going "well", then other health complications ended our breastfeeding relationship too soon. I enjoyed a longer breastfeeding relationship with my next son.

My Education: After my experience with the boys, life worked out to push me to complete my formal training to become an board certified lactation consultant. The last couple of years of the formal training were a great opportunity to practice and refine the skills and knowledge I had been learning over the many previous years. I earned my IBCLC in 2011. I also have a Bachelors of Arts in Child and Family Studies and Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado.

My Favorite Thing: Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn't always mean it's easy. So many women think they are doing something wrong because they run into challenges. Breastfeeding takes work, and a small investment in working with someone on this new skill can make all the difference in a successful breastfeeding relationship. I love helping moms learn what they can do to make breatfeeding work in their family, as every situation is different.

One of the things that makes my perspective unique is the many years I spent working with breastfeeding moms, having no personal experience. In that time, I was able to listen to moms and help solve problems putting their needs in front of any personal experiences I have had. Since then, my own experience with multiples, low milk supply, working and breastfeeding, supplementation, and donating milk have enhanced both my knowledge and my ability to empathize with moms facing a variety of breastfeeding challenges.