Occasional Use Breast Pumps 

Occasional Use Breast Pump are designed for moms who only need to pump a handful of times. They are great for a night out away from baby or to help with engorgement. If you are returning to work or school and only need to pump a few times per week, these would be an option. Many moms who have flat or inverted nipples will also use them prior to nursing to help bring their nipple out.  

Below are all of the occasional use pumps that Bosom Buddies carries. You can look at the features of each, side by side to see what pump fits your needs the best. If you have any questions, please contact us.

*Accessories & features may be sold separately.

Style of Breast PumpSuctionPowerWeightAccessories*WarrantyFeatures*

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric

Custom Expression Technology for maximum milk flow

Double Electric -

AC Adapter or 6 AA Batteries

5 lbs.

-ComfortFit Breast Flanges

-Built-in bottle holders

-2 - 5 oz Bottles

-2 extra white valves

-Velcro Strap for tubing


-1 year on motor unit

-90 day on other components

-Guaranteed to prevent milk back-up in tubing & pump

-One-touch let-down button

-Easy to clean

-Adjustable suction & cycle

-BPA free


Medela SwingMedela Swing

2-Phase Technology to mimic baby's natural suckingSingle Electric - AC adapter or 4 AA Batteries2.22 lbs.

 -2 bottles with caps

-Bottle Stand

-Power Cord

-Shoulder Strap


-Valve & Membrane

-Drawstring Bag

1 year limited

-Desgined to be mobile - can be used on a table-top, belt clip or shoulder strap

-Adjustable speed and vacuum

-Small enough to fit inside purse or briefcase

Lansinoh ManualLansinoh Manual

ManualSingle-Manual1 lb.  

-Convenient, portable & descreet

-Made for occasional use

-ComfortSeal cushion creates secure seal for comfortable and efficient pumping

-Light-weight for one-handed use

Medela Harmony

Medela Harmony

2-Phase Expression for maximum milk flowSingle-Manual.85 lbs.  

-Ergonomic swivel handle for comfort

-Ideal for occasional use