Daily Use Breast Pump

Daily Use Breast Pumps are designed for moms who will pump daily, but still with a successfully nursing baby at the breast. They are perfect for moms returning to work or school but want to continue breast feeding their baby. These pumps typically come with a bag and accessories so that it can go where ever mom is, and they are light weight.

Below are the daily use breast pumps that Bosom Buddies carries. We have tested and approved all of the pumps below to ensure that they meet our mom's needs.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

*Power, accessories, options & features may be sold separately and/or vary by model.

Style of Breast PumpSuctionPower*WeightAccessories*Options*WarrantyFeatures*

Ameda Purely Yours

Ameda Purely Yours

Adjustable cycling and speed to mimic baby's suck pattern

-AC power Adapter

-Car Adapter

-AA Battery

-Pump with bag & accessories - 7 lbs

-Pump motor - 1 lb.

-Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System

-One-Hand Breast Pump adapter*

-(2) cotton breast pads*

-Cool 'N Carry Milk Storage Tote with 3 cooling elements*

-Milk Storage Guidelines Card*

- (6) 4 oz./120 ml bottles with 2-piece lock-tight caps*

-CustomFit Flanges*

-Flexshield Areola Stimulator available separately


-Carry All


-Without Tote

-1 year on pump mechanism

-90 day on all other components

-Great for frequent pumping

-Independent controls for suction - 8 settings and 4 cycle speeds

-Car adapter for a mom on the go*

-Cool 'N Carry tote can store 6 bottles for up to 10 hours

-2 built in bottle stands

-All external parts and pieces are available for replacement

Hygeia EnJoye

Hygeia EnJoye

Mimics your baby's unique sucking patterns with customizable speed and pressure controls

-Internal rechargeable battery*

-AC adapter

-External AA battery pack*

-Pump with bag & accessories - 7.58 lbs.

-Pump motor - 2.8 lbs.

-Personal Accessory Set

-Mother's Milk Storage Cooler Bag*

-Tote with Changing Pad*

-LBI - tote with internal rechargeable battery

-EXT - tote with external power supply and battery pack

-EPS - pump with external power supply

3 year limited

-Proven performance for moms with long-term and frequent pumping needs

-Hygeia CARE button to customized audio recording

-Single or Double pumping

-Electric or Battery operation

-Green breast pump - can be shared by multiple moms and recycled

-All parts BPA/DEHP free

-All external parts and pieces are available for replacement

Medela FreestyleMedela Freestyle

2-Phase Expression Technology - mimics baby's natural nursing pattern

-Rechargable Battery - allows up to 3 hours pumping per charge

-AC adapter

-12-volt car adapter available*

-Pump with bag & accessories - 7 lbs.

-Pump motor - less than 1 lb.

-Black Tote bag with removable motor

-Double Pumping Accessory Kit

-Includes 24mm & 27mm Breastshields

-Hands Free Accessories

-Rechargeable Battery (3 hours of pumping per charge)

-Cooler pack with contoured cooling element

-4 bottles with lids

-AC adapter

-Information Guide

-12-volt car adapter available*


-1 year limited for original user on motor

-90-day on bag for original owner

-2-Phase Expression Technology to mimic babies natural sucking

-Light-weight pump

-LCD screen with digital display

-Memory Button to save favorite pumping session

-Hands-Free accessories that work with most nursing bras

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Medela Pump-in-Style

2-Phase Expression Technology to mimic baby's natural sucking

-Battery Pack (8 AA)

-AC Adapter

-Car Adapter available*

-Pump with bag & accessories - 9 lbs.

-Pump motor - 1 lb.

-Double Pumping Accessory Kit - all BPA/DEHP Free

-24mm PersonalFit Breastshields

-27mm PersonalFit Breastshields*

-2 mesh storage bags*

-Cooler Carrier with contoured cooling element

-4 bottles with lids

-Information Guide

-Black Microfiber Backpack

-Black Messenger Bag made of stain-resistant nylon with removable motor unit

-Black shoulder bag

-1 year limited for original user on motor

-90-day on bag for original user

-2-Phase Expression Technology

-BPA/DEHP free parts

-Great for moms on-the-go