Father’s day is here, I’m the dad

I am writing a few words about being a father as it relates to breastfeeding. I am support.

As a father, a grandfather I can and do support breastfeeding by doing whatever needs to be done to enhance the breastfeeding experience. As I was thinking a little about this I remember overhearing one of my daughters talk about her first few days at home with her newborn son. One of the things she commented on was that she saw me cleaning out the refrigerator, getting rid of some of those things that had gotten buried in the far back corner of the far under the lowest shelf. Cleaning the refrigerator had been on the list to get done before the baby was born, but nobody told her that he had decided to come 5 weeks early.

I know the the refrigerator does not sound a great deal like breastfeeding support, but I think it was to my daughter. It could lighten her load a little bit as she was getting used to the new addition to her life. As a father or a grandfather you can and do support breastfeeding even in little ways.