Find A Sports Bra That’s Just Right: 4 Bosom Buddies Favorites

One of the first things that surprised me when I started working at Bosom Buddies was the amount of thought and attention that goes into what bras we carry in the store. First we look at what needs we can fulfill for our customers, then we pour over catalogs, our employees try potential bras, we bring in a customer focus group, and after all that we might bring a style to test in the store.  In other words, we take great pride in the bras we carry. So in light of our upcoming Teen Sport Bra Fitting Event, we’d like to take a moment to brag on a few of our favorite sports bras.

Cake Orange/Lemon Zest Nursing Sport Bra

Cake Lemon Zest


“The reaction I get when I show a new mom a sports bra that not only can be made into a t-back, but is also a nursing bra is really super.  That excitement makes my day. “

If you’ve shopped with us for nursing bras, then you may already be familiar with Cake as a brand. Cake makes soft, comfortable, and cute nursing bras and the Cake Zest Nursing Sports Bra is just another great example of this. The color options (Orange/Lemon) are pure fun, and you can adjust it into a racerback for added support.

Panache 5021 Underwire Sport Bra

Panache Sports Bra


“For active and busty women, the Panache Sport Bra is a godsend. It locks your girls up tight, and almost completely eliminates bouncing. I love being able to show D cups and larger that they don’t need to wear two sports bras as long as they’ve got a Panache.”

We like to think of the Panache Sport Bra as a maximum security bra. Once you’ve got it on, your breasts aren’t going anywhere, even if you were to jump up and down on a trampoline. Now not all women need this extreme level of support, but when you need it, this bra is ready for you.

Anita 5521 Light and Firm Sport Bra

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.15.45 AM



“This is the most comfortable sport bra we carry. I personally like to wear it around the house, or when I garden or go bike riding”

If the Panache is a maximum security sports bra, the Anita Light and Firm is more like house arrest. You’re breasts are still confined, but its a much cozier confinement. As Robin points out, this is a great sport bra for low-impact activities where you don’t need as much support. If the white is too boring, it also comes in black and fun fashion colors.

Anita 5529 Momentum Softcup Sport Bra


Mary Lou

“I love this bra because our customers love it. One of our fan-favorites!”


“As someone who frequently takes part in runs like Mudderella, support and comfort are important features of any sports bra to me, and this bra hits the mark on both counts.”

The Anita Momentum sport bra is our go-to sports bra in the store, for good reason. In Goldilocks terms, the Panache might be too hard, the Anita Light and Firm may be too soft, but the Anita Momentum is “just right” in terms of support and comfort.

So there you have it, four great sports bras for whatever sporty occasions come your way.