Lesson from the lingerie show: women are wearing bras that don’t fit.

So you say, “There’s nothing new there. You’ve been quoting that yourself for years.” And you would be right.

It seems like sometimes you have to learn and refresh and relearn, over and over. Especially when it is something as important as how a bra fits.

For as long as I have been going to lingerie shows, Freddy Zappe from Eveden (the company who makes Goddess, Freya, Elomi, Fantasie and Huit bras) has presented seminars on the art of fitting bras. A couple years ago I signed up for a 3 hour workshop. Keep in mind I had already fit thousands of bras and trained all of Bosom Buddies’ employees…and done a fine job, I might add.

The point is: there is always more to learn. Every body is different; every bra is different. It’s great to talk shop with another seasoned bra fitter who trains fitters all over the country. Freddy is passionate about getting women in a bra that relieves their back and neck pain and makes them look terrific in anything they wear.

This year we had a special treat. The “we” here is my husband Ken and me. Yes, he goes to lingerie shows. (If there are any guys reading this, you can talk to Ken about what it’s like to do business among a bunch of bra-clad models. He’ll probably blush.) Of course we stopped into one of Freddy’s seminars.

Ken with bagsI remember Freddy’s demonstration of the amount of breast weight women carry around when I did that 3-hour seminar…very enlightening. (Pun intended.) Freddy is always updating her presentations of course…now she likes to do the demonstration on a guy. Guys don’t have any of their own bra-wearing baggage to get in the way of the demo.

imageHere is the condensed version: Ken started with two four-pound bags of barley around his neck. Then Freddy and her assistant fit him in a bra that lifted those eight pounds up where they belong. Ken got a first-hand experience of how a well-fit bra can take weight and stress off your neck and shoulders. The details are for another blog, but the before and after pictures are here.

Now we just need to get him some lipstick!