Moms & Babies Breastfeeding Photoshoot

For many women, breastfeeding leads to an incredible bond between mother and baby that feels both magical and hard-earned. To help you celebrate and remember that magic, Bosom Buddies is offering free breastfeeding photoshoots March 5th & 6th to the first TWELVE moms who sign up. Trust us, this is something you don’t want to miss out on.

What to Expect

Let yourself be guided through this intimate 30 minute photoshoot by our on-site facilitator. From the moment you sign-in to the moment your photoshoot is complete, you’ll have someone to assist you at all times.

Next, spend five to ten minutes discussing the direction of your photoshoot with our in-house photographer. In this time you can discuss whether what you want to wear during the shoot, and what photos and angles you’re specifically looking for.

mom breastfeeding baby

Don’t want to be completely topless during your photoshoot? No problem! While we think the best breastfeeding photos come from topless shoots, above all else we want you to be comfortable. Check out our breastfeeding photo collage to see how other women did it.

Meet the Photographer

Meet Ken Petracek, Bosom Buddies owner and experienced photographer.


Breastfeeding photography combines Ken’s great passions: photography and breastfeeding advocacy. He’s been supporting breastfeeding since the 1970’s as a father, grandfather, and for the past twenty years as one of Bosom Buddies’ owners. The majority of breastfeeding pictures hung throughout the store are Ken’s work!

Ken’s specialty as a photographer is the way he is able to translate feelings and experiences into something you can physically see in a photograph. His special point of view helps bring photos to life, whether it’s in his photographs of his grand-children, breastfeeding photographs or even product photography.

Interested? Sign up!

Appointments available for March 5th & 6th; 1:00-4:00 p.m. at Bosom Buddies.

Call us at 720-482-0109 to schedule your appointment today!