‘Tis the Season: Gifts for a Pumping Mom

Pumping milk so baby can have mom’s milk is a true act of love. Don’t believe for a moment that sitting with a breast pump is anywhere near as fulfilling as nursing a baby. So any pumping mom needs to have as many perks as she can find to make the job easier and more efficient. Consider these things to make her life a bit easier.

Hands-free Pumping Bustier or Bra

Simply Wishes All-in-one Hands Free Nursing Bra

Double pumping is essential (cuts pumping time in half and actually produces a tad more milk), but the problem is double pumping takes two hands. Not very efficient. Clever moms who have been there and done that have designed ways to hold the bottles and flanges in place without tying up mom’s hands.

Some of these take the form of a bustier (or band) that goes on over her bra when she needs to pump; others have cleverly hidden ways for the bra (or tank or gown) itself to hold the bottle and flange so nothing else is needed when it’s time to pump. This item is pretty much on every pumping mom’s wish list…or it ought to be.

Extra Cooler Bag

Breastmilk Cooler Storage

Picture this: Mom pumps during the day away from baby. She stores her milk in a small cooler carrier. She goes home and divides the milk into bags or bottles and chills or freezes. Next morning, she has to remember to pack milk for the day to take to caregiver when dropping off baby.

Now picture this: Mom pumps during the day away from baby. She stores her milk in a small cooler carrier. When she picks up baby, she leaves the entire cooler carrier with the caregiver. She tucks an empty one back in her pump bag. She goes home and spends time with her baby and gets some sleep. In the morning, she takes baby to caregiver and heads on to work, confident baby has her supply of milk from the previous day.

The secret to this plan is having an extra cooler bag to rotate with the caregiver. Just one extra small piece of convenience to help out a mom with a very complicated life.

Nursing Mother, Working Mother

Nursing Mother, Working Mother

This book takes moms through the basics of breastfeeding through the basics of juggling work and motherhood with a positive, matter-of-fact tone. This split life is not easy, but it can be done and is worth doing. Here are lots of hints on how to navigate these waters successfully.

Working and Breastfeeding Class


In breastfeeding classes, pregnant moms often ask questions about how to keep breastfeeding when they go back to work.But before going back to work you need to get through the first few weeks of breastfeeding to establish a good milk supply. So how to juggle work and breastfeeding is information overload while you are still pregnant.

Here’s our solution: a special “upper division” class specifically focused on going back to work. In addition to the mechanics of how, where and when to pump at work, we’ll talk about the apprehensions moms face making that switch back, what your baby will need while you are gone and how you can cope with the lack of sleep and still be productive at work.

Milk It Labeling Kit

Milk It Labeling Kit

A door-hanger for pumping privacy, labels for milk stored in the office refrigerator, a pump bag ID tag….mundane items given a fun twist with colorful graphics.

Extra set of pumping parts

Untitled design-4

An extra set of pumping parts is a bonanza for a mom who is doing lots of pumping. It takes the pressure of always getting the clean up done immediately after pumping off, knowing there is a little cushion there. This is a convenience that may make it possible for a mom to squeeze in a quick nap or even a shower. Little things can mean a lot.