What We Learned in 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now that 2015 is officially here, we thought it would be fun to take a little look back at some of things we learned in 2014.

1.)  There really is an app for everything!  There is even a smartphone app to pasteurize breastmilk for small milk banks in developing countries.

2.)  Many of you wish Colorado had a special license plate for breastfeeding awareness.

3.)  There is such a thing as National Be Late for Something Day and even Elephant Appreciation Day.

4.)  Australia has a breastfeeding helpline that is available 7 days a week answering up to 6,000 calls a month!

5.)  Our fans are incredibly resourceful and creative! From super cute halloween costumes for their little ones to nursing in very unusual places like on ferris wheels and on hay rides.

6.)  Warm Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Bars are delicious!

7.)  Aboriginal culture views the lactation period as a continuation of the pregnancy.

8.)  The first US patent for a breast pump was granted way back in 1854.

9.)  The world’s first milk bank opened in Vienna, Austria in 1909.